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Frame is a news publication dedicated to making it easy and enjoyable to read impactful works of journalism. Our team of reporters from around the world tell stories that inspire us to think deeply, challenge worldviews, spark curiosity, and attempt to explain why the world works the way it does.

Sample phone #0 — shots taken from 'The Separation'

Frame publishes stories on underreported social and political phenomena, emerging cultural trends, how technology is changing our lives and brains, hidden histories, and more. Our stories are presented in interactive, multimedia formats that aim to make it easier to dive deep into a topic and foster a sense of exploration — oases in an often unfulfilling digital landscape of push notifications, reductive takes, and clickbait.

We invite you to look at the world through a new frame, one that asks how things got to be the way they are, what systems they’re a part of, and what meaning lies under the surface.

Welcome to Frame — dive deeper.


  • Founder & CEO - Ben Moe
  • Managing Editor - Kelly Kimball
  • Senior Technical Consultant - Tom Barnes
  • Product Designer - Jeremy Siwik
  • Art Director - Aloma Antao